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THIS IS A Site For BDSM & Spanking Fans
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1 -Mission Statement 

spanklink.com is an adult-only social media website. Directed at all aspects of BDSM and specialising in "spanking". You can make a profile. Add pictures and make posts like other famous social media sites.  You can also private message other members and look at their profiles. Form groups, and make friends online. Post adult spanking material. 

2- Sponsors

The whole of spanklink.com is funded entirely by spankred3d.com

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Q & A

(1) Why has my profile been deleted? = You have not filled out your profile within 24 hours or you have not verified to prove that you are an adult. This site is strictly for the over-18s. 

(2) Why do some of the features not work? = You have to be verified and sometimes a full member. In some cases,  This Will Be FREE ... eg: filling out your full profile.

(3) Unused and SPAM accounts will be deleted within 24 hrs and may be banned forever. Once you have filled out your profile you may be given access to posting and uploading pictures etc. Other privileges will be given to you as you progress. 

More updates to this page soon. 

This site is still under construction

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